Coincidence. Is it a sign?

And thus we fall further down the rabbit hole.

I’ve mentioned before about my potential insanity when it comes to the imagination crossing over into real life. I can’t remember if I mentioned the roll this plays in books. I probably have.

Anyway, I recently started reading a book that has a few key points in the beginning that are very similar to things that happened in someone’s life. I won’t mention them here (even though I’m dying to) just in case this gets through. I have the same name here as my twitter so it’s possible. Anyway, these few things made me think ‘Is this really them or is this just my brain seeing more connections and jumping to conclusions?’

This used to happen a lot when I was reading books. I’d see my characters in other books. Eventually I put this down to popular stories being repeated, popular characters people can identify with. So then is this just me regurgitating the mainstream ideas? Or are they somehow ingrained in our psyche?

The next questions is ‘does it even matter?’ It doesn’t really but the fact that my brain notices certain connections and links them as more than coincidence get’s very frustrating. It happens a lot in ‘real life’ too especially with people I’ve seen walking on the street…especially with attractive people <.< As an example, I was walking in the city today. I say and attractive guy crossing the street. I had thought he was going in a different direction but two seconds later he was sitting on a bench on the way to my destination. I get to where I’m going. Go up. Wait around for 10 minutes and what do you know? He comes through the elevator and sits where I had been sitting. This can be extremely awkward when I’ve made passing eye contact with this person.

Or like when I did this short 2 day barista course. First the only seat for an attractive guy to sit in is next to me. Whether because of me or because he’s just that way he fidgets like crazy. While handing in out paper work I stand in line next to a bout and thing ‘huh, he’s not to bad’. The next day he has the practice coffee machine next to mine and we’re paired together for the ‘customer’ exercise.

And that’s just three examples. Call me paranoid but it shits me. It really does. It’s like a carrot in front of a donkey. It happens with regular people but not as much.

Aaaaanyway, I’ve gotten off track. There’s no doubt that my brain has developed ways to accentuate these coincidence. The questions are:

– is this just my brain entertaining itself in fantasy

– is my brain right in thinking that these are more than coincidences? signs?

– is something happening three times enough for it to be more than just coincidence?

I was also thinking about the nature of insanity and the conscious. The brain can’t comprehend everything at once – it’s just not practical from an evolutionary stand point – so what if they’re noticing the things the rest of us don’t, the connections between events, the steps between the assumptions we make about a person or object?

But this is all just hapless ramblings. Another coincidence/ sign is how often the things I plan to do with people fail, how often they fall on hard time when they talk to me. As I’ve mentioned before, this is probably just a bigone emotions of a father’s inability to control his worry. But still, as I’ve also mentioned my brain can’t live in the real…

I’ll end this post by saying that I hope my twitter followers don’t succumb to whatever weird aura draining/ ying yang/ energy draining thing I seem to emit. I also hope that this won’t affect any of my future occupations but the effect it has on my friends is, admittedly, more important to me than what I have on a business, hence the reason I want to work for myself.

Anyway, that was a bit more rambling than I wanted it to be. Never mind, it’s out of my head and on the page for someone to see. Part of me thinks that if I write it all down someone else will see it and all this bad luck will disappear.



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