Christmas Party and Bad chicken :S


So, two …things have happened since I started this blog that are out of the ordinary.

1) I went to a Christmas party

2) I got food poisoning -.-

There’s also the situation of procrastination but that’s an ongoing issue.

I’ll start with the food poisoning just because, you know, Christmas is more positive. Why do I have to mention it then?…You have a good point…Because it’s something that happened and I feel like I should remember things that are not frequent in happening (English, what?) so that I remember that life is not all about sitting at the computer watching Let’s Plays and reading twitter.

I suppose I don’t have much to say about it anyway. My only advice is, don’t eat chicken from a girl that looks like you’re wasting and then smiles when she hands it to you….Alright, that’s a bit paranoid ;p But it was probably a bit of an omen. It was also the first time I’d realized that pounding sinuses coupled with shoulder and neck pain could be a sign that you have food poisoning.

Luckily it only lasted one night so no complaints there :p But it did mean that I felt too sick to job search on the Tuesday <.<

Onwards to Christmas!!

The Christmas party was on the Saturday night (5 days ago). I got all dressed up in Christmas spirit and made white chocolate and crandberry cookies. I’ll probably post some pictures at the bottom of the page. Anyway, it was really great to get out of the house and see friends I hadn’t seen for months. We’d tried to have a ‘get2gether’ last month but…well…only 3 of us turned up and there are about 17 of us in that group <.<

But yes, everyone bought something to share. There were cupcakes with christmas tree icing and cheese cake brownies and mudcake and a cobb loaf and home made mini quiches. :9 There were board games and secret Santa and I got shot glasses, chopsticks and a bottle cord…The presents were completely random so that doesn’t say anything about me…<.< …>.> What else? Conversations about walking dead and jokes about the French and Australians. There was more but that’ll do for now 




So, that’s that then. First post done and dusted….I’ve been meaning to post this for the last 2 days but, yeah. Done. Successfully completed a goal 🙂

Goal setting is a good way to raise the confidence, yes?

Now to apply for jobs and make myself a porcupine mascot. Woo!



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