This blog might not come to much, I might not post very often and I probably won’t get any views but that’s not the reason I’m making it.:) I’m currently unemployed and going a little nuts so I’m hoping this blog can help take my mind off that. I’ve just finished a Diploma in Visual arts so maybe I’ll post a few things here but I’m really not sure what else will happen. We shall see.

I feel that I should also mention that all opinions on this blog are subject to extreme flexibility. I don’t believe in things so much as have ideas and through them around. If you have an opposing opinion, please, don’t get mad at me. A few well phased sentences are usually all it takes for me to change my mind.

From what I understand a lot of blogs go unnoticed but if you happen to stumble across this little space I’d love to hear your feed back and suggestions 🙂


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